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Indigenous Perspectives through Word and Image

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Babs Helleman
Linda Gibson-Langford

This book features three of Australia’s prominent Aboriginal Australian writers, together with an accomplished artist, a Western Australian Martu woman. Meet, within its pages, Kim Scott, twice awarded the Miles Franklin Award, Oodgeroo, whose poetry continues to inspire and provoke as does playwright Jack Davis’s, and Dadina Georgina Brown whose stylised artworks reflect her experience as a desert dweller.

Each text aligns with the outcomes of the National Curriculum for English, addressing, in particular, the Aboriginal Australian component. An additional chapter has been included to assist young writers transform issues raised from the study of Aboriginal Australian texts into various genres of creative writing.

Currently Head of English at ‘The King’s School', Babs Helleman’s years of experience as a teacher of English is distilled in the pages of this text. The book highlights the extraordinary lives and works of its featured authors and artist. Teaming up with her colleague and co-writer, Linda Gibson-Langford, Indigenous Perspectives in Word & Image is an essential text that supports the National Curriculum in English.

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