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That Deadman Dance - Study Guide

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Sarah Vassallo

This Study Guide complements the textbook Indigenous Perspectives through Word and Image and is designed to assist students with their reading of the Miles Franklin award winning novel That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott. A selection of activities and questions has been collated, analysed and interpreted for students, enabling them to gain a clear understanding of how Aboriginal Australian histories were shaped. Activities can be completed individually, in groups or as class discussions.

This Study Guide provides chapter questions together with separate chapters designed to focus on character development, recurring motifs, themes and literary techniques.  The activities are matched to the National Curriculum outcomes and provide a rich source of study that supports the study of Aboriginal language and literature. Along with Sarah Vassallo, who developed this Study Guide, the authors of Indigenous Perspectives through Word and Image hope that students will learn to appreciate the rich culture through the power of story that enshrines Aboriginal Australia.

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