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In NSW, students have the option to complete a 4th Unit of English as part of their compulsory 10 Units of HSC study. The must complete the 2 Unit Advanced English and 1 Unit of Extension 1 English to be eligible to undertake the Extension 2 Course or 4th Unit English.

Students can choose from a wide range of projects from writing original poems or short stories to media scripts. They may also undertake critical analysis of another author,playwright or poets work. The course is designed to give students real freedom in exploring their choosen medium.

The School Assessment (50%) is based on process, that is, the way the students examine other works, build their understanding and knowledge of their chosen genre and how effectively they communicate their ideas in both written and verbal modes. The final project is not assessed by the school - this is left to the external markers appointed by the NSW Board of Studies.

Each student is asked to write a 1500 word reflection statement that summarises their ideas and thought pattern in arriving at their final project. This is a very significant part of the individual project as it guides the examiners and provides a basis for which to evaluate, or mark, the final project.

Body of work - Corey Karaka

Corey Karaka's individual project is composed of a Reflection Statement plus a selection of his poetry. He gained full marks and was placed 2nd in NSW for his Extension 2 project in 2005. Corey was asked to select a range of poems and to write a comment on how they reflect/relate to his reflection statement.

The poems presented form an integral part of Corey's project and his comments explain his purpose and development of his work.


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