Book 2 - Literary Techniques (Page 66)






Read the following passage. Answer the questions that follow.

Cinders in Love

I have a day off from cleaning, which only happens when the stepmother is out on the town.
Anyway, my sisters (well, step-sisters actually) and I, we get all frocked up to go out to the local muster, see if we can pick us up a few cowboys. I put on my best boots, and a nice pastel floral dress; my sisters look like tramps. Done up in black leather mini-micros, or micro-minis, whatever you call them. Black boots. Big Hair. Brown make-up. Deep red lipstick. Tarts. But they follow after their mum and I figure what the heck, they’re going to make me look a hell of a lot better. We get all done up nice and Ethel comes out in the Rodeo (love my Holden Utes) and drives us down to the local. So anyway, who’s on the dance floor … Graham … isn’t that just a hot name; he’s my Prince Charming, right?
So my scrag of a sister goes up and starts going at him like a pig in heat. Doing all these fancy moves, it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon and already one of my other sisters is tanked, I mean down on all fours puking up her guts. Alcoholics. I never touch the stuff. Just as I’m about to go home, I feel a soft touch on my shoulder. I was so scared, I kneed him right where it hurts, my boot came off and I ran into the yard. My dress was all dirty, my hair looked like sheep guts … . Graham tracked me down using the boot as a guide, no-one else’s feet smell like mine. He gave me a beautiful rendition of Achy-Breaky Heart and I was in love.


The attitude of the narrator towards her sisters is conveyed by:

a. sentence length and parody
b. light versus dark and connotative language
c. parody and satire
d. stream of consciousness and sentence length

2. Scrag … Tarts … Pig … puking … guts … . Which of these suggestion best describes the emotions that are conjured by these phrases?

a. violence and bitterness
b. hatred and cynicism
c. irreverence and awkwardness
d. distaste and disgust



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