Book 4 Advanced & Extension English Concepts (Page 10)




Five excellent examples of HSC student work capture the spirit of postmodernist writing. The students demonstrate a questioning of culturally constructed values of the modern global world. They illustrate the use of non-traditional forms of writing to express their ideas. Through intertextual references, they inform the reader of their perspective on how societal values influence modern western society. In their writing, they use strident personas that question the basic truths and challenge the very essence of capitalist societies. They represent a youthful voice - the voice of Year 12 students - and provide a valuable insight into their way of viewing the world.

It is suggested that these examples be read, discussed and deconstructed within a class / group environment. Various readings can also be applied to reinforce understanding of the concepts.




What is the best thing about flying first class? Probably it is the additional space between seats. Having room to move is, perhaps, the most luxurious of all luxuries.

Of all that I read, watch and listen to, I least expect to find inspiration in an advertisment for the new, roomier Lexus LS400.
At a price of just $152,000, you will find the LS400 extremely comfortable in more ways than one.

Capitalist junk!

Unleashing my writer's frustration, I threw the magazine across the room towards the bin. It missed. Further frustrated by my lack of aim, I snatched up the neon-coloured, gloss-finished piece of glorified crap, stood directly over the bin and dropped it in. It missed. I tried again, this time watching more closely. The magazine began to fall in line with the centre of the bin, then took a sudden turn to the left and made a safe landing on the floor.



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