The Author of the Demystifying Text Series



Babs Helleman has been an educator for over 25 years. A common thread runs through her many senior roles in private and public education in NSW, Vic and WA - a love for English and a burning desire to fully develop the potential of the thousands of students who have been entrusted to her care. Educated in country Victoria, Babs holds a Bachelor of Education, and a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. She has been widely published in education journals, and a regular presenter at conferences of her peers.

Babs has held roles including Head of English, year Coordinator, School Development Plan Coordinator and classroom teacher at public and private schools, and single sex and co-educational schools in three states. She is currently Senior Year Coordinator, and English teacher, at the King's School, Sydney, Australia's oldest private school.


Throughout her career, Babs has gained her greatest satisfaction as a classroom teacher, guiding and inspiring the next generation of Australia's youth. She has now distilled her experience in teaching senior English to four accessible, practical and user friendly student guides. They are designed to help all young Australian students of English in years 10-12 to increase both their understanding of and results in this critical subject and skill.

Books 1 & 3 are co-authored by Andrew Howell and Sam Parisi respectively, gifted recent past students who inject up to the minute attitudes and perspectives to ensure the guides are totally relevant to today's demanding educational environment.