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An exciting new series of 4 books to help students in years 10-12 master English courses throughout Australia. These unique books provide and explain definitions of key literary and visual concepts, set practice exercises, provide sample answers and showcase examples of outstanding student responses in both exam and classroom situations.

The books distill the secrets of a highly successful practicing English teacher. Babs Helleman has worked in private and public schools in NSW, Vic and WA, and is currently teaching at the King's School - Sydney. She had been assisted in Book 1 & 3 by gifted recent past students, adding further insight and relevance to the texts.

Books in the Series(Click each one for more information):

Book 1 - Purpose, Context & Tone

Book 2 - Literary Techniques

Book 3 - Film and Image Analysis

Book 4 - Advanced and Extension English Concepts










Babs Helleman & Andrew Howell

Babs Helleman

Babs Helleman & Sam Parisi

Babs Helleman